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Singapore Web Hosting - Web hosting, email hosting, web design and promotion services in Singapore.

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With thousands of website hosting companies why choose our service? Because we care about every customer and every detail of our business. We provide Unix / Linux web hosting, Windows hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers, domain name registration, web design and promotion services. And we make sure the job is always done right.

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This section inludes articles and tips on web hosting, web design and Internet marketing and search engine optimization SEO. For more info about our servcies, you may want to check out our FAQ as well.

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How To Set Up My Email Accounts
My Email Is Not Working?!
Domain Name & Hosting Account
Why My Homepage Does Not Show Up?
How to Change Domain DNS to Nameservers
I canít find my site in Google or any other search engines?!

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Web Hosting Articles and Tips

Why Do You Need A Web Site In The First Place?
I sincerely wish you will not ask this question next time...

What To Look For In A Web Host?
Confused with all those plans, features?

Why Do You Need Your Very Own Domain Name?
Are you serious about your business?

How To Choose A Domain Name?
Don't make any mistake while choosing your business name!

What Can Server Side Includes (SSI) Do For You?
SSI can help make your web site more responsive and can even help make maintaining your site a much easier task...

Super-charge Your Web Site With CGI Scripts
Chances are you can install your first CGI script in your web site in about 30 minutes.

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need?
This is really a "chicken and egg" problem...

What's In The Mysterious Log File?
This information is priceless if your goal is to optimize the experience, and lead your visitor to the most important parts of your site.

How To Use FTP?
Hmmm...just a simple comprehensive tutorial about FTP.

Web Design Articles and Tips

Web Site Design Basics - From Internet Marketers Standpoint
If you are thinking, well, that's my IT department's job, you've made the first and biggest mistake towards your online business.

Top 10 Deadly Web Site Design Mistakes
These mistakes can easily kill your online business yet we see them everywhere on the Internet.

Easy Web Site Maintenance Using Server Side Include (SSI)
It's very well worth the pain to learn SSI the next time it comes to redesign your site's navigation system. It's not that hard anyway...

Should You Do Web Site Design In-house?
Are you game enough to master these required skills?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Made Easy
You'll realize that making style changes to your web site is not only quick and easy, but also fun.

Avoid "Lost" Traffic By Making Full Use Of Error Pages
I'm amazed at the number of sites not using it and losing hundreds of visitors every month.

What The Heck Is That? - All The Jargons Explained
As an online business operator, you don't have to know programming, but you need to know what these terms mean.

How To Design An Effective Navigation System?
If a visitor gets lost at your web site, you lose another potential customer.

Are You Mad About Spam?
And wondering how the spammers got your email address?

Ten Steps To Top Ranking Pages In Google
If Google loves your site, you will be in the top 5% who make money on the Internet.

Web Promotion, Internet Marketing Articles and Tips

Can You Still Make Money On The Internet?
I mean, look at the Dot-Coms...

How To Rank High In Search Engines?
If you come up on top, you get thousands of hits. If you come up in the 1,000 position, you get zilch.

How To Get Listed In Yahoo?
Getting listed in Yahoo can be tough, not mentioning an optimum listing.

The Power Of Opt-in List
By building an opt-in list, you are building the future of your business.

How To Reach Millions Of People With Your Product For Free?
That is exactly what happens when you start writing articles for ezines and web sites.

How To Get Thousands Of People Actively Promote Your Online Business?
You have great products to sell, you have a proven sales copy.. But you are the only sales person for the whole business!

The Strategy That Will Pay You Off For Years
This factor is becoming more and more important and it makes perfect sense.

Does Banner Ad Still Work?
Be very careful here...

One Stone, Three Birds - Newsgroup And Forum Participation
One of my favorite online marketing vehicles.

The Magic Word
It can make the difference between a winning site and a losing one.

How To Drive Targeted Traffic In 10 Minutes Time?
An incredible way to get instant, targeted traffic to any site you need to advertise.

The Nuts and Bolts of Effective Search Engine Optimization
Finding the right SEO firm is not easy...

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