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Web Hosting SingaporeYou Found Us From Search Engine Right? is currently listed at the top of Google and Yahoo, where 80% of all Web traffic is from. We don't do offline marketing. All our sales are generated through our web site. With our Internet marketing and search engine optimization skills, we can do the same for your web site. Anyway, what's the point to have a web site without visitors or sales?

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- 100MB Storage
- 3GB Bandwidth
- 100 Email
- S$6.97 per month
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- 200MB Storage
- 6GB Bandwidth
- 200 Email
- S$11.97 per month
- More Info

Business Pro
- 500MB Storage
- 15GB Bandwidth
- 500 Email
- S$24.97 per month
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Email Hosting
- 100MB Storage
- 3GB Bandwidth
- 100 Email
- S$4.97 per month
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Reseller Plan
- 1GB Storage
- 30GB Bandwidth
- 1,000 Email
- S$30 per month
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Dedicated Server
- 4 IP Addresses
- 120GB IDE HD
- S$280 per month
- More Info

Windows Hosting
- 100MB Storage
- 1GB Bandwidth
- 100 Email
- S$6.97 per month
- More Info


If You Just Build It, It Will Just Sit There

Thinking this eCommerce thing doesn't work because you're not getting any traffic and sales?

You are not alone.

More than 90% of all business web sites are still losing money. Many of them haven't figured out what a web site can do for their businesses. They build a site simply because every others has one.

Some online businesses are selling great products or services that people want and are actively searching for on the Internet. The problem is that, people can not find these great sites.

Web site is a great marketing tool for your products or services. But to make it work, your have to market the site itself first;-)

The "you build it and they will come" day is over. If you just build it, it will just sit there. Nobody will come and buy. No traffic, no sales.

Once you have a decent, steady stream of visitors coming to your site, it will pay you back the big way. With successful web site optimization and promotion, your site’s market position can easily hold strong for a couple of years, while your banner ads, TV, press, and radio ads, last for only as long as you pay.

You Found Us!

So the big question is, can people that are searching for your products or services find you? We can help you with our search engine optimization and Internet marketing knowledge and skills!

You don't just need a web site designer, you also need someone who knows how to get your site traffic. Some of the best traffic comes from what is known as "Search Engine Optimization" or "SEO" for short.

We are Internet marketing and Singapore SEO specialists. You'll find that there are a lot of web design companies out there who will be happy to take your money to build a web site, but how many of those companies know how to get your web site traffic?.... VERY FEW!

We are one of those few.

Hey, you found us, didn't you?

We are Internet marketing specialists, concentrating on Search Engine Optimization - SEO. Some people call this field Search Engine Positioning, or Search Engine Placement. Whatever you call it, understand that working with someone experienced in this field is crucial to getting traffic to your web site.

Click here for a free web promotion and Internet marketing consultation.

Thinking your web designer knows how to get traffic?

Think of it this way.

A web site designer is like a carpenter. A carpenter's services and prices can vary widely - just as a web designer.

But when it comes time to sell your house you don't go to the carpenter - no matter how good he is! You would go to a real estate agent, a specialist in the field of selling. So why do people expect their web site designers to be able to perform their search engine optimization and Internet marketing?

Designers know how to design your web site. They understand graphic design and programming. They do not necessarily understand web promotion and Internet marketing!

You need specialists who know how to get your site seen. Designing web sites and marketing those web sites are two separate and totally different fields. Most people don't understand that. Web sites are not ranked based on looks. It requires specialized skills to promote web sites.

Seeing is believing...

Chances are, you found us from search engine, am I right?

Currently, Singapore Web Hosting is listed at No. 1 spot at Google and Yahoo for all of our target keywords: "Singapore web hosting", " Singapore web design", "Singapore web promotion", "web hosting in Singapore", "web design Singapore"...

Please also note that we don't have the finacial strength, manpower, resources... as our major competitors do. Many big companies in Singapore are fighting for these top spots - as you can imagine.

Our site is ranked at No. 1 simply because we know search engine optimization and Internet marketing better than others.

We can do the same for your web site. Fill out our web promotion and Internet marketing consultation form and we will be happy to give you some suggestions, for free.

What will we do for your web site?

  • Keyword Development: Keywords and keyphrases research and planning. Brainstorm and select the best keywords/keyphrases with the most searches and least competition. Index page and other important pages will have separate sets of keywords/keyphrases combinations.
  • Site Analysis: Complete site analysis to improve site structure, content and html code. Solving design issues that have an impact on our search engine optimization work.
  • Development of Search Engine Optimized Pages: Design and modification of highly optimised pages for higher rankings. We follow SEO code of ethics and don't use spam or dirty tricks. Re-optimization of pages at regular intervals depending on results.
  • Submission: Hand submission to major search engines and directories. Paid submission to Inktomi, Altavista, Askjeeves, Lycos.
  • Follow-up System: Development of follow-up system, script, content, sign up form promotion. It can be in the form of newsletter or sequential autoresponder messages.
  • Links Campaign: Build theme based linking structure and acquire at least 50 incoming links from relevant sites.
  • Reporting: Search engine ranking and in-depth traffic report every month. Sales or performance report if you make sales data available to us. Including Pages Indexed Reporting, Keyword Position Reporting, PageRank Reporting, Backlink Reporting, Traffic Reporting.
  • Monitoring & Maintenance: Evaluation of log files, traffic, visitor behavior, site performance. Readjusting strategies and codes to improve performance.

Since the Web is a dynamic medium and search engines constantly change how they rank pages. Pages that perform well today may not perform next month. We will monitor all your results continuously and fine tune your pages as necessary in order to maintain and improve your rankings and traffic.

Click here for a free SEO and Internet marketing consultation

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