How To Set Up My Email Accounts

one question that’s frequently asked by clients is, how should i go about setting up my email accounts?

here’s my step by step instructions, in layman’s words, assuming you have hosting account with us on our Unix servers.

you need to complete 3 steps: 1)point domain name to our server 2)create email accounts on our server 3)configure your email client software. details follow:

1)point your domain to our server. as mentioned in this post, you must have/own domain name AND hosting account in order to set up web site or emails addresses under this domain. and you need to point the domain to your hosting account on our server (in other words, “connect” the domain name with your hosting account).

if the domain name is registered through us, we should have setup this step (domain DNS) for you. if it’s existing domain you registered with another registrar, you have to update DNS yourself.

2)create email accounts on our server, under your hosting account. login to control panel at http://www.yourdomain:2082 , username and password is in order confirmation email we have sent to you. go to email management section by clicking on “mail” icon, then go to “manage/add/remove accounts”, you can manage email accounts here. to create new email accounts, click on “add account”, enter email ID, password, quota, as instructed, then click “create” button. done.

3)configure your email client software. email client software refers to the software you use to access emails. on PC/Windows, it can be Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.

now take Outlook Express as example, go to “tools” menu, select “accounts”, accounts setup window will pop up. click on “add mail”, follow instructions on screen. after account is created successfully, go to “tools” -> “accounts” again, select the email account you just created, click on “properties” and make sure settings are correct:

Mail server type: POP3
Mail server (for both incoming and outgoing): mail.yourdomain
Account name: your entire email address (note: entire email address)
Password: your password
Select “my mail server requires authentication” check box
Do NOT select “logon using secure password authentication”
Select “Remember password”
Unckeck “leave a copy of messages on server” under “advanced tab”

now, try sending/receiving emails, it should work. if it doesn’t, read this post again carefully, make sure you’ve done all 3 steps correctly. if it still does not work, please open support ticket with details.

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  1. fengbox, the auto configuration in cpanel does not work for some systems (email client, OS, etc.), so it’s highly advisable to set it up manually.

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