Why My Homepage Does Not Show Up?

we’ve got this question very often.

many clients ask, why my homepage does not show up when i surf to my domain? i’ve uploaded all my web pages. it’s saying “this domain is parked by singapore web hosting instead”.

first of all, the “this domain is…” page is temp homepage which is put into place automatically when clients’ hosting account is created. if you can see it, your domain is resolved to our server and working fine.

now why your still viewing this temp page after uploading your own web pages? a few possible reasons:

1)you upload to the wrong place. all web files (html, images, scripts, etc.) have to be uploaded to public_html directory. you can see the directory once ftp into your account.

we’ve included this point in order confirmation email, however, many clients miss it. i fully understand that. people tend to quickly go through document or faq and want to get things going fast, therefore some details are missed. me too…

2)the homepage has to be named as index.something

if you want your visitors to see the home page by typing http://www.yourdomainname.com/ instead of http://www.yourdomainname.com/mypage.html, you need to define a “default” page. on our servers (most of all servers actually), this page must be named as index followed by an allowable extension. allowable index page names include:


if server cannot find an index file, it will simply list your entire web directory to everyone that accesses it, which is not so good.

and pls note, unix machine is case sensitive. if your account is on unix hosting plan, Index.htm will not work.

3)you may need to remove the temp index.html file (which says “this domain is hosted by…” as mentioned above), if your index file is named as index.php, index.shtml etc. because index.html would have higher priority than your own index file therefore the old temporary index.html would still be displayed if it’s still there.

4)refresh your browser. if you’ve above two correctly and still cannot see your own homepage, try refreshing browser, clearing computer cache.

still can’t get it work? open a support ticket 🙂

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