I can’t find my site in Google or any other search engines?!

every now and then, i receive phonecalls or emails from clients asking, “how come i can’t find my site in google, yahoo, or any other search engines after hosting with you for 1 full month?!”

or a better one, “hi, we host our company site with you. we’re real estate consultants. why i can’t find our site when i search for ‘real estate’ in google?”

when i’m asked such questions, i always wanted to ask, “why do you think your site should be found in google or yahoo?”

well, i haven’t replied that way so far 🙂

but the truth is, search engines will not list your site in first 2, or even 20 pages, just because you have a web site. period.

go search for “real estate” in google, you will get 95 million results. those are all your competitors. 95 million. now why do you think your site should be found (normally that means top 20 listings) among 95 million results?

it’s only possible after you spend months, often years, of hard work on your site. or, if you would like someone else to do the work (seo service), it costs at least a few thousand dollars.

it’s not hosting issue, not design issue, it’s search engine optimization, or in short, SEO.

so if your our hosting client, you should not ask us why your site can’t be found in search engines. it has nothing to do with where you host the site. even if you host with yahoo, your site won’t be found in yahoo if you don’t do anything about it. it won’t happen by chance.

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