My Email Is Not Working?!

very often, we receive email from clients asking for help: my email is not working properly, please solve it asap. that’s all in the email.

not much we can do about it sometimes, except for replying and ask:

1)what’s your domain name? sometimes we can search for the email address in our record and find out who is asking for help. sometimes, the client uses another email address, we don’t know which account to check out if you don’t tell us who you are. dumb huh? it happens.

2)which email account you are using? you have problem with all email accounts undr your domain? or just one account?

3)you have problem with webmail or email client software? what email client you use?

4)what error message you get? what would happen on the screen when you try send/receive emails? please describe the problem in more detail.

in short, we won’t be able to know where the problem is without further information. saying there is problem does not tell us much. we need to know what problem in order to solve it. of course, if it’s server down, we would know already 🙂

and i have to say, 95% of all those “email problems” are not problem on server. most likely it’s something at client’s end.

a few things i would like to address:

1)make sure your account is not over quota. 50% of all email problems goes here.

2)make sure you enter the correct username and password. the username is entire email address. another 30%.

3)disable firewall, anti-virus, reset router, restart computer, clear computer cache. another 10% solved.

4)if you upgrade your Windows OS recently and you use latest version of Outlook or Outlook Express, switch to Mac. or switch back to original OS. 5%.

doesn’t help? open a support ticket and remember to describe the problem in detail.

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