Notes for All Hosting Clients

all new clients, a warm welcome to Singapore Web Hosting ! 🙂

by now you should have received order confirmation email which contains important and sensitive information such as account username and password, where to login to control panel, FTP server, helpdesk URL, etc. pls read it carefully.

also, i’d like to address a few more things here that might be useful to all new clients.

1)if you registered the domain name with other provider and host it with us, you need to update domain DNS to our nameservers, click here to see how.

2)click here for instructions on how to set up email accounts.

3)for instructions on FTP/upload web pages, refer to this article on FTP.

4)if you’ve uploaded your web pages but you still see our temporary page at your domain, saying something like “this domain is hosted by Singapore Web Hosting“, refer to this post: why my homepage does not show up?

5)if you can visit your web site but email seems not working properly, most likely it’s something at your end, pls refer to this post: my email is not working!

6)always keep your email address updated in three places:

a)our helpdesk, this is how we send announcement and invoice, and how we identify clients.

b)domain name control panel. no matter where you register domain name, from us or any other provider, always keep domain name registrant/owner contact email updated. this is where domain renewal reminders will be sent to. no, nobody will call you to remind you as this is automatic process.

c)in cpanel, our web hosting control panel. you will receive system warnings when your account is reaching storage or bandwidth quota.

i know it’s troublesome, but…

7)wirte down username and password and keep it in safe place. we cannot retrieve password for you. never mention password to anybody else.

8)do not keep trying wrong username/password, this includes all users, cpanel, email, FTP, webmail, etc. anything that requires password, do NOT guess password. 5 failed logins due to wrong username/password will get your IP blocked. all people sharing the same IP, for example all people using same LAN network in your office, will be affected. if username/password is wrong, it’s wrong, keeping trying would not make it right.

inform all your email users, if they’re not sure with password, instead of guessing, they should ask administrator to reset password.

9)do NOT use webmail as primary method for email access. webmail is meant for emergency only, for example while travelling. you should always use email client software, usch as Outlook or Outlook Express, to access and download emails to your own computer.

webmail software are all 3rd party software that we have no control over, anything can happen to them, cpanel may stop supporting any of them anytime. again, we have no control over this.

10)download backup from cpanel as often as possible, just in case. this is particularly important if your site is interactive where content is updated by visitors, for instance, a forum. should anything happen, you can simply restore the backup.

we do have backup but it’s used for hardware failure recovery only. we hope we would never use it.

that’s all for now. will add more when necessary.

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