Multiple Listings of 1st Ranking on Google

just noticed an interesting thing, google sometimes gives multiple listings to the 1st ranking web site.

for example, one of my other web sites, About Video Editing, is ranking pretty well in Google. if you google “video editing hardware”, you may see this result:

Google Ranking

what interests me is, the additional listings are with short, neat, extreamely accurate title, linking to most important inner pages of the site.

the title or description is not retreived from title or description tag of that linked page, for example, the listings of “hardware guide” and “software reviews“, more like retrieved from anchor text on home page.

it’s not all retrieved from anchor text on home page either, for example, the listing to “top 10 digital video capture cards“, again, it’s different from title tags of the page also.

then how does google choose which pages to list, and what descriptions to use? i’ve to say, both selections are accurate and smart, almost looks like it’s done by human editors. but i guess that’s my imagination only as google always prefer automation. it’s impossible for them to mannually edit results, there are way too many.

the bottom line is, google bot/algo understands the meaning of web pages to certain degree, otherwise the additional listings are hard to believe.

so again, do not try to fool them.

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