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hi all,

this is my 1st post in Singapore Web Hosting Blog.

the reason of starting this blog is, (not because blog is hot 🙂 ), all the while i want to write more tips, ideas to share with our clients and anyone who’s interested. i did that a while ago, in the form of formal articles about web hosting, web design, and seo.

but, writing articles is tiring, time consuming. i wanna talk to client, just like he’s sitting in front of me (when i don’t have to care about grammar, spelling, etc.). i don’t want to write any articles anymore.

i want to share my ideas with you, but in an easier way.

for those who’re not singaporean, sometimes our english here in singapore may sound wired to the rest of the world. we always say, can lah, can lah, meaning “yes, sure”. so called “singlish”. do americans speak this way? don’t shoot me email when you see that in my post here, hehe…

and of course, as you can see, i don’t like to capitalize first letter.

i have been in singapore web hosting industry for years, i do have many things to share with you.

so here you go.

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