Online Business Ideas

met a university classmate this afternoon, very good friend that time as well.

when i mentioned i’m running web hosting business now, he’s rather surprised! “hmmm, i thought the dotcom stuff has collapsed already…? how do you guys survive, i know price of web hosting is a few bucks only…”

well, yes, web hosting is dirty cheap nowadays. but it does not mean a profitable business cannot be built on web hosting. if the business model is right, i believe any business can be very profitable. obviously we can’t make much from web hosting itself, server hardware, bandwidth, control panel software, technical support, customer support, manpower… many web hosting companies are still struggling to break even.

we don’t make money from web hosting either. web design and SEO service is how we make our livings.

in fact, i have many business ideas that can be successfully and profitably run online.

software is selling fast and easily on the web, and will remain hot for quite long time. i buy software online all the while. what about coming out with a software idea that is usefull and in demand, and get a programmer from india or china to get it done, then sell it online for 40 or 50 buckes.

yoga is very interesting, my wife is exercising now. how about selling yoga tutorial video, streaming video or downloadable video, on a web site?

have experience in stock market, shares, bonds, options, etc? how about start a membership service to give tips and instructions?

not sure if this i’s legal to run in singapore, but anyway, how about running adult toys web site and get a drop shipping service in US to handle delivery?

the biggest problem is, i don’t have enough time!

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