Blogspot Is Dead in China… Again

Yes is dead, blocked, again, in China.

Many of my friends in China told me that they have been not able to access from 20 Mar afternoon. Users of all most all ISPs, China Telecom, China Netcom, China Tietong, CERNET, are all experiencing difficulty accessing blogspot.

Looks like a nation-wide block.

Trace route timed out from certain core router of China Telecom.

I don’t think it’s permanent block as this is not first time that Google services are blocked in China. Even are blocked every now and then.

It must be a tough time for those in China who’re using Google blogger. But seems like people are used to it now…

Hey, PR (not PageRank) guys in Google, it’s your showtime !

4 thoughts on “Blogspot Is Dead in China… Again

  1. This is sooooooo frustrating. I just got a lot of readers and now they cannot access my blog. 70% of my readers are in Shanghai, China.

    My target reader group is people living in shanghai.

    What should I do??? 🙁
    hope they unblock it soon

  2. 我的google blog 想用也只能通过代理ip了


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