You Can’t Follow The Big Guys When You Design Your Web Site

i wrote about web design with Flash and said “none of the big guys develops whole web site in flash”.

well, i was deadly wrong.

i just went to Prada web site and was wondering where to go next. i was staring at a black belt with white text “PRADA” on it, below it there is a picture of a very cool lady (looks like 3D computer generated, is it?) holding prada handbag. no other text, nothing to click, nowhere to go.

hey, it’s PRADA, it’s not a under construction site that the boy next door just put up.

then i noticed there’s popup window blocked warning message on top of the browser window. well, yes i use a few popup blocker including firefox extension, google toolbar, yahoo toolbar. after disabling all popup blocking, reloaded, phew, i see a popup window which leads to

i have to say honestly, it’s fantastic Flash web site, whole site in Flash.

now go to google and search for “prada handbag”, prada itself is not in top 10, not on 2nd page either, not even on 3rd page.

how about “prada shoes” in google? same.

yahoo? go try it.

it’s ranked at no. 1 for “prada” though, i guess many web sites link to them using “prada” as linking text. i link to them in this post as well.

now take a look at how many pages from have been indexed by google, then click on the 2nd page listed “Prada Women Fragrance” (you’ve visited homepage right?), a black screen to me. 3nd listing “Prada Perfume Fragrance“? same, a blank page in black color with nothing on it!

if you view source of the page, there’re codes. but the text are hidden by CSS.

this is interesting. imagine you produce and sell Adapr handbag and shoes, can you afford designing your web site this way?!

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