Spammer Account Will Be Suspended Immediately

recently we received two spam complaints against our client’s domain.

we suspended the accounts immediately and informed the clients. further, the accounts were removed completely three days later, without refund.

please take note, we have ZERO tolerance to spamming. no discussion, no second chance. one spam complaint with proof, spammer’s account is gone. no refund. and we reserve the rights to claim from spammer the cost/damage that might be caused to us and our other clients. we take it seriously.

so what’s spamming? email that is not requested and of commercial nature.

a few points i would like to address regarding spam, spammer, spamming.

some may think one time mailing is not spamming. yes, it is spamming as long as the recipient did not request it.

some may argue, according to singapore law, it’s ok to send emails to people as long as you give them unsubscribe option. i’m not lawer, no comment on it. maybe it’s legal to send mass mailing this way in singapore, BUT it does not mean you can do it on any serious hosting providers’ server. we do not allow it, unless the recipient requested to receive email from you.

some may buy email addresses from somewhere and say, hi it’s not our fault. maybe it’s not your fault, but it’s still your responsibility. you have to make sure people on the list actually requested to receive emails from you. the fact is, most of the email address list that someone can sell to you are not opt-in subscribers. chances are, the seller harvest the email addresses from web sites, forums, etc. if you use their list, sure it’s very standard spamming.

script that’s written with no security in mind might be exploited and used to send out spams by script kiddies, spammers, hackers, whoever. both scripts you code yourself or you download from somewhere may have serious security holes. it is your (i mean, the account owner) resposibility to secure your srcripts and applications.

the only way that we can unsuspend such account is that you can prove that the recipients subscribed to your mailing list themselves. you have to provide where is your subscription form, date of subscription, IP address logged, subscriber’s name.

we are very strict on this issue, for good reason. in fact, all hosting providers are. if we do not take action fast and seriously, our IPs and servers might be blacklisted by ISPs and spamcop.

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