Corey Rudl Dies in Crash

i just read the news that corey rudl, one of the top internet marketers, a true pioneer of internet business industry, dies at 34 in a racing crash. this is very very sad.

although many people do not agree to his internet marketing tactics, but he’s the real guru. if you have been looking for business oppotunities online for a while, you must have heard of his name, otherwise, your time wasted.

no, i do not agree to many of his techniques either, however i did learn a lot from him. i really mean a lot. the first book i bought online was his internet marketing course, which cost me 200 US dollars. it’s not cheap for me honestly considering the average price of books, hypes all over the world, etc.

i’m glad i made the right decision. all my online businesses start from corey rudl’s internet marketing course.

in fact i didn’t use much of his tactics. it’s not because the tactics do not work. i believe they work greatly, otherwise it’s impossible that millions of people have heard of him. it’s because i’m rather lazy. however, just a few tips here and there from corey’s marketing course has enabled me make my living online.

the most important thing he taught me is confidence and overall concept. after reading his course and his newsletters, i know for sure online business works for many people, and if i do it the right way, it would work for me.

now i run a few sites, all profitable. thanks, corey.

i visited his web site, no news posted there. not a surprise. the news itself does not confirm the victim was this internet marketing goru corey rudl. but his name is rather rare, many forums are talking about this shocking news at this moment. most likely it’s true. very sad news.

condolences to his family.

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  1. hello,how do you do?can you tell me the Corey Rudl’s website?thanks for your very much.(from China)

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