SEO – Guaranteed top 10 listing ?!

As you can see on our web site, we provide SEO – Search Engine Optimization Service.

There’re many SEO companies out there. Compared with some of the established SEOers, we’re really small fish, and we’re ok with that. Personally, I don’t think we’ll go after clients worldwide at all in the near future. In Singapore, we’re one of the best SEO service providers.

But there IS one kind of SEO company that makes us uncomfortable, sometimes really fed up – companies that promise guaranteed top 10 (20, etc.) listings.

There’s no such thing in search engine optimization industry. Anybody who claims guaranteed 10 or 20 rankings is simply lying. It would be obvious if you think further. Search engine results are calculated by algorithm owned by search engine companies like Google, Yahoo, Inktomi. How can anyone outside Google guarantee you top 10 or 20 listing in Google? Who has the power to control Google? None.

Nobody can honestly say they can get guaranteed top positions. At whatever price. 1 million may or may not bring you top spots. There is possibility, but no guarantee. This is true especially for Google who dominates 80% of all online traffic now. Go search for “search engine” in Google, Google itself is listed at No 4 currently. Surprise? This is the culture of Google. They don’t even allow manual adjustment to their own ranking. Everything is decided by algorithm. How can any outsider claim guaranteed top 10 or top 20?

Still, there’re many “SEO companies” promising guaranteed ranking. If it’s possible, why don’t they get their own site in top 10 under keyword “SEO”? There’re only ten spots in top 10, however, there’re way much more than 10 companies who claim guaranteed top 10. C’mon, give yourself a ranking first.

Think about it.

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