Google Adsense

just found a great article Google AdSense Bay Area Forum by Jenstar, moderator of adsense section at Webmasterworld.

it’s absolutely wonderful to know that goolge listens to, and cares about us publishers. sometimes, dealing with giant like google is like looking at a blackbox, don’t know what to do with it. search engine industry (i mean the whole industry, not only google adsense) is changing so fast, yet no comment from google. nothing. i understand that they can’t reveal much as that would open a wide door to spammers. but still, it makes us nervous. what’s hapenning? and what will happen next?

lucky guys in US! i can never imagine receiving such invitation from google, i’m in asia.

jenstar, great article, thanks. and could you please help to pass messages to google next time :-): when will they allow wire transfer to singapore banks? and greenback is way toooo weak now ! lol

if your considering google adsense, do it. it’s a great income source if your running informational site. if your running business or commercial web site, google adsense might not be suitable since it may put competitors ads directly on your own web site.

however, for other information sites where nothing is for sale, adsense is god’s gift, at least, it does not hurt.

before adsense came out, many of those informational sites were purely hobby, money suckers if you need to pay hosting fees, not mentioning the time you spent on it. now they may become money maker. well, it may not make much for you, but you didn’t expect to earn anything from hobby in the first place, did you?

thank you google!