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Web Hosting SingaporeYou Found Us From Search Engine Right? is currently listed at the top of Google and Yahoo, where 80% of all Web traffic is from. We don't do offline marketing. All our sales are generated through our web site. With our Internet marketing and search engine optimization skills, we can do the same for your web site. Anyway, what's the point to have a web site without visitors or sales?

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Web Promotion & Internet Marketing Service Pricing

Unlike our web site design service where we have almost fixed pricing structure, web promotion and Internet marketing costs is largely determined by which market you are in and how high you want your site to be listed in search engines.

It depends on the amount of work that need to be put in to achieve optimal rankings for the most amount of relevant traffic - The higher your budget, the bigger and more competitive the market we can target.

If you're just targeting a local market, or a "not-too-competitive" market, then your costs are usually in the range of S$2,000. Some will have monthly payment of a few hundred dollars.

If you're targeting something like "sex" (which by the way, we don't do) then it would take much more work to achieve top rankings and traffic, and thus the prices would also be higher.

Any "semi-competitive" market that we'd be targeting will have costs starting from S$3,000 paid during our initial month of work, and then a minimum of S$100 monthly.

Highly competitive markets start at  S$1,000 monthly.

Fill out our free web promotion and Internet marketing consultation form, tell us more about your industry, what keywords you are targeting... we will come up with a more detailed marketing plan and quotation.

You are not obliged to hire us by filling out the form. You will most probably get some insights from Internet marketing specialists for free if you choose to do it yourself;-)


  • We do not claim any copyrights to any material, content, design developed for your web site. They're yours forever.
  • You will give us authority to modify text content, sometimes page design, for search engine optimization purpose.
  • You will give us authority to access your server log files to analyze and improve site performance.
  • We may link to your site in our portfolio page in the future. Please give honest, hopefully positive, testimonial if our new prospects ever contact you for reference.
  • Sometimes some nice results come in the second month after we've started, but we'd like to be conservative and aim for 3 months to see promotion results. If it happens sooner that's a bonus... if it takes 4 then your competitors are really working hard, but we'll catch up.
  • We usually achieve top 10 search engine rankings for the most important keywords or keyphrases. Though we strive for #1, we make no guarantees... the only guarantee we give is that we will work hard to get you the most amount of relevant visitors as we possibly can. (Will you believe anyone who claims guaranteed #1 in Google - except Google itself?;-)
  • We guarantee your rankings will improve in Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL Search, and Alta Vista. These are the five most important search engines and directories. As well, your rankings will go up in the other engines and directories. Although we cannot guarantee a specific ranking in any particular search engine or directory, we will always strive to get and keep your site ranked in the highest possible position. Our clients have obtained top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, Alta Vista and more.

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