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With thousands of website hosting companies why choose our service? Because we care about every customer and every detail of our business. We provide Unix / Linux web hosting, Windows hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers, domain name registration, web design and promotion services. And we make sure the job is always done right.

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XEN VPS Solution

We have considered and reviewed a number of other VPS solutions but only XEN meets the specific needs for businesses of our nature.

Some basic fundamentals you have to consider while choosing VPS hosting solution:

How much RAM are you actually getting from your VPS provider?

Is it unknown? Some VPS providers might resort to overselling RAM but in our XEN VPS solution, RAM allocations are dedicated and guaranteed.

How much Disk Space is your provider overselling?

Another unknown? Similar to RAM, some VPS providers might be inclined to oversell but our XEN VPS solution, Disk Space allocations are also dedicated and guaranteed.

No unlimited or unmetered Data Transfer.

You pay for what you use. Data Transfer and Bandwidth is one of our biggest cost and it is impossible for us to oversell bandwidth and overpromise.

No more kernel upgrade worries

We will handle all kernel related upgrades. You can run safely your own firewall rules and/or network related applications. Other VPS softwares have extreme limitations in this area.

Managed CPU usage

We will monitor all CPU usage agressively. Via Xen Scheduler, we're able to monitor the CPU usage for each VPS and carry out the required CPU Management tasks. Accounts using extensive CPU resources are typically not suitable for hosting on any VPS solution. Should these accounts exists, customers will be advised to upgrade to dedicated server accordingly.

Advantages of using our VPS Solution:

  • No more worries about having a spammer or abuser hosted on the same IP. You get your own dedicated IP
  • Gain complete control of your hosting solution. You have full root access to your VPS. You manage your own processes and are able to install applications, tweak settings, add users etc.
  • Your applications are stored on their own virtual "disk" image on a seperate partition. This results in a greater level of file system security and this can never be obtained on a typical shared hosting server (especially if the users have shell access). Additionally, your processes have greater protection against the crashed applications of other users resulting in greater security and stability
  • Easy Backup. Since your VPS is on its own virtual "disk" image on a seperate partition, taking snapshot backups or migration can be easily done.

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